Feng Shui Consultations





"Tammy is a natural healer - of spaces and people."

                                                                                        ~ Tisha Morris (www.tishamorris.com)


"I am so grateful to have met Tammy, the first time we met I instantly connected with her. She came to my house a few weeks ago for a Feng Shui consult and let me tell you it created a profound shift for me. Tammy is very intuitive and connected to the bigger picture. I am so grateful for her honesty on what she felt and seen...she was very in tune with what I needed to create a shift for myself personally as well as what my home needed to get that good chi moving. The changes that I have made in my home, the purging, the letting go and seeing things in a different way have been a true blessing for all in the home. Thank you Tammy." ~ Natasha Serbinek (www.soulfulhomerealestate.com)

   Feng Shui Consultations
  • Feng Shui Consultations looks at the flow of energy coming into your home and flowing through it. It is an ancient art that can dramatically improve all life areas including, Wealth, Health, Love and Relationships, and bring your life into Balance and Harmony.
  • An in home consultation will include discussing the flow of energy in your home and how to encourage more beneficial energy into each of the key life areas.
  • Suggestions will be made for each room in accordance to your personal goals and desires and throughout the home to bring your space into alignment with your overall vision.
  • I incorporate the Laws of Attraction into the consultation to maximize your positive manifesting.
  • Feng Shui has long been known to assist in the following areas: enhancing wealth, finding love for Singles or improving romantic partnerships, career advancements and stability, health improvements, enhancing and expanding social connections, increase energy and motivation, nurturing the growth of children,  promote emotional and mental health, creating a nurturing and energetically harmonious sanctuary to call home.
  • Notes will be taken throughout the consultation and I will help you prioratize the action steps to implement what was discussed.
  • Clutter Intervention/Clearing available to clients who have had a Home Consultation and desire assitance with decluttering for energy release and renewal. 
In Home Consultation or
Distance Consultation via Skype
 $200 (no tax) 
Consultations are approx 2 Hours
+ Pre-Consultation Form



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